5 Signs You Need a New Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

Here are 5 signs you need a new garage door opener.

Having trouble with your garage door opener? Here are five signs it’s time to purchase a replacement.

Opens When You Want It to Close

One sign that you need a new garage door opening is if the functions have reversed. If you press to open your garage door and it begins to close while it was on its way to opening, and vice versa, then there is a malfunction somewhere in the system. If there’s nothing in the way of your safety sensors that is causing the reversal, then you may need a new opener.

It Functions Randomly

If you’ve noticed inconsistent operation, there could be a wiring problem in your system. You press to open your garage door and it doesn’t always open, or it opens with a delay, this is probably frustrating. If your garage door is functioning randomly, this can also be dangerous to your safety.

The Door Gets Stuck

You’ve used your opener and midway through opening or closing, the door stops moving. Again, if there isn’t anything blocking the safety sensors then the problem lives elsewhere. Having a garage door that won’t completely close will also leave your home less secure.

It’s Making Weird Noises

Most modern garage door systems are quiet. Therefore, if you’re hearing a grinding, rattling, or screeching sound, don’t assume that’s just the normal sound of operation. It could be a sign that there’s a problem with your opener.

It’s Not Functional at All

The final sign that you need a new garage door opener is the most obvious one on the list. If you’re trying to operate your garage door opener and there’s no movement at all then there’s definitely a problem. If your door won’t open or close at all, make sure that you’re using fresh batteries. If the batteries aren’t the problem, it’s probably the opener.

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