Choosing a Garage Door For Your Climate

Choosing a Garage Door For Your Climate

Find out which garage door material will work best for your climate.

When you’re shopping for a garage door, it’s always great when you have more options available to you. For some people, though, it can get overwhelming when your options expand too much. If you aren’t experienced at understanding the differences with each type of door, you might end up choosing one that isn’t best suited for your situation.

Your garage door should be determined heavily based on the climate in your area. Different materials will perform better under different weather conditions. Find out which garage door material will work best for your climate.


Steel garage doors are a classic and among the most popular doors people purchase. They are known for how durable and affordable they can be. Steel is a material that’s resistant to weather conditions, and it’s long-lasting. This means steel doors work well in practically any climate.

As a bonus, you have a lot of freedom to customize your door however you’d like. You can choose the style of the panels, design of the windows, and paint color.

They don’t even require a lot of maintenance. The only minor issue is the lack of insulation, but you can add insulation to the door to make the temperature inside of your house more comfortable.


Aluminum garage doors are lighter than steel ones, allowing you to lift them with more ease. A drawback is that they can dent more easily, and you have to spend extra when investing in aluminum.

Fortunately, the extra money you spend is well worth it. Aluminum won’t rust, meaning you can use it even if you live in a coastal climate. They also provide you with more insulation, and they come with very few maintenance expenses.


Wooden garage doors are considered by many to be the most beautiful. The tradeoff is that they come with more expenses and a longer list of maintenance tasks. Wooden doors aren’t recommended for damp environments because wood will rot and swell up when exposed to water. Extreme heat is another weather condition wood needs to avoid. However, with hot climates, you can still use wood as long as you oil your door to prevent it from drying out.

One benefit of choosing a wood garage door is that it can last longer than other doors if you put in the effort to maintain it. This involves sanding and painting your door. Also, as long as you’re in a suitable environment, a wood garage door will still offer plenty of durability, all while sporting a great look for your home.

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