Concerns With Having an Older Garage Door

Concerns With Having an Older Garage Door

Here is why it can be concerning to have an older garage door.

Your garage door is among the most sturdy features of your home. These doors are so durable that they tend to last longer than the cars parked behind them. Over time, however, even a garage door will get worn down. Whether your door is worn down because of weather conditions or from dents that come from your kids practicing baseball around the yard, it can’t be denied that the damage your door racks up can become a concern. Here is why it can be concerning to have an older garage door.

The Door Can Get Rusty

With a newer garage door, you will have a new coat of paint that protects it from various problems, and rust is one of them. As the door ages, this coat of paint becomes less effective, making the door more vulnerable to rusting.

Fortunately, this is a simple fix; simply get the door repainted, and you’ll be fine. Painting garage doors can be trickier than painting the walls of your house, so it can be a good idea to have a professional paint it for you.

If rust has already spread to different parts of your door, you may need to get the door replaced entirely. While a garage door is a steep investment, it’s smart to put the money forward for a new door instead of making countless smaller repairs dealing with rust problems.

Damaged Panels

How you handle damaged panels depends on how many panels have been affected. If only one lone panel has been impacted and your garage door is fairly new, you can simply replace that one panel.

It’s a whole other story when you have many panels in need of replacing. It tends to be more expensive than simply replacing your door. Also, when your garage door is older, you might not be able to find replacement panels. Therefore, you’ll want to base your decision on the age of your door and the number of panels you would have to replace.


Make it a habit to inspect your garage door system. One part of an inspection should involve disengaging your garage door opener and attempting to lift your door. Sometimes, the springs of your door can get worn down. You’ll notice this if your door feels heavy while lifting it or if you think the door comes down by itself after you have raised it up.

This problem is best addressed by a professional. Fortunately, the repair shouldn’t be too expensive, but the job can be dangerous to handle yourself if you don’t know what precautions to take.

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