Considerations Before a Garage Door Installation

Considerations Before a Garage Door Installation

There are any number of factors to consider when choosing the right garage door installation for you.

Being the savvy homeowner that you are, you may be on the constant lookout for ways to increase property value even while, in one fell swoop, enhancing home security. One surefire investment to help achieve these dual objectives is a high-quality garage door installation. According to recent studies, the demand for residential garage doors is expected to increase by 4.8% every year, already reaching 3.2 million units in 2022. (!) With this serving as some context on the general home import of your garage door system, keep in mind that there are any number of factors to consider when choosing the right garage door installation for you.

Read along below for some hot tips on making the informed decision.

Material Matters

Garage doors can be made of various materials, each with its pros and cons. Steel garage doors, for instance, are durable and require low maintenance since they’re naturally resistant to scratches, rust, weather elements, etc. On the other hand, wooden garage doors have a uniquely appealing finish that can certainly enhance your property’s curb appeal—but they do require more involved/regular maintenance practices. Fiberglass is a light material that’s easy to install, operate and maintain, but it can crack if exposed to cold temperatures for a prolonged period. Aluminum garage doors resist rust, but aren’t especially common (for whatever value that information is worth to you, dear reader). Of course, an experienced professional can help you explore the advantages and disadvantages of each material and select one to best withstand the climate in your region and, more broadly, meet your particular needs.

Advanced Security Measures

Installing a garage door with advanced security measures is something of a no-brainer. Consider installing a smart garage door opener to keep tabs on your door remotely. Nowadays you can even receive alerts via your smartphone when someone tries to open your garage door, which is convenient (and pretty neat!). Also, consider installing an “advanced” door lock that allows you to, well, lock your garage using a remote for further improved security. And don’t forget to keep your trusty door opener—whatever its form—in a safe place to prevent unauthorized access.

Door Design

Garage door designs come in a wide array of styles, including roll-up, sliding, tilt-up, and traditional styles. Some designs have contemporary styles with glass panels. Choose a door design that suits your house design and consult an experienced professional for guidance.

Safety First, Safety Foremost

Safety is paramount when it comes to garage doors. Automatic doors are convenient, but more situated to cause accidents should you happen to have, as well occasionally do, a moment of carelessness. Invest in a reliable door opener system with a sensor to detect an object in its path when closing and stop or reverse the door. This feature can help prevent accidents and save lives.

Windows and Glass

Windows are a lovely addition to a garage door; they look beautiful and let in natural light to illuminate and enhance said beauty. When choosing a window design, consider the shape and size that fits your garage’s (and your home’s overall) architectural vibe. Also, take care in choosing the glass variety, the most important factor being the anticipatable range of temperature’s it’ll be exposed to. -If your garage is likely to come up against some extreme heat, for instance, you’d want to go with insulated glass. (For security purposes, install glass only in the top panel.)

Cost Considerations

The cost of designing and installing a garage door depends on a variety factors: material, size, style, safety features, labor, etc. Thus, it’s crucial to weigh your options carefully ahead of time and find a quality garage door type without stretching your budget beyond… capacity. Consult your local garage door expert and compare different door options to find the perfect combination of suitability and affordability.

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