Dealing with Termites Around Your Wood Garage Door

Dealing with Termites Around Your Wood Garage Door

Find out now about how you can detect early signs of termite damage and how you can address them to protect your wood garage door.

Termites can compromise the safety of your wood garage door. The structural foundation sustains a lot of damage as termites slowly eat away at it. The termites themselves are fairly elusive, and they can have your door destroyed before too long. If you don’t address these pests, you’ll be paying upwards of thousands of dollars, if not more, getting all of the damage repaired. Find out now about how you can detect early signs of termite damage and how you can address them to protect your wood garage door.

Why Do Termites Invade in the First Place?

Termites feed on a substance known as cellulose, which can be found in wood. Subterranean termites do well when they have soil that is moist and rich around them, which allows them to dig tunnels beneath the surface of your wood garage door. If you have a door frame that extends beneath the surface, it’s possible for termites to reach your frame and start eating it.

This can quickly start causing your garage door major problems. Infestations of termites can grow, and eventually, it could be more than just your garage door that’s compromised; it could be your entire house.

Signs of Termite Damage

The starting warning signs of a termite infestation can be subtle and hard to detect. But if you can find them, eradicating the problem becomes much more manageable.

One sign is that you might notice mud tunnels. These are often found on your house’s foundation, and they go from the ground to their source of food, which may be your wood garage door. Mud tunnels will be seen as weaving lines, so be on the lookout for them.

Damaged wood could also be a sign. You’ll know if your wood is damaged if you tap on it and hear that it’s hollow. There might even be some small dark holes on the surface. If you remove wood, there could be tunnels underneath.

How to Protect Your Wood Garage Door

To keep your door safe against termites, we suggest having your frame made from pressure-treated material. This will stop termites from breaking through your wood, denying them their source of food.

You’ll also want to keep mulch away from your garage door frame because mulch provides the perfect pathway to your door. You also shouldn’t store firewood in the nearby vicinity of your garage.

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