Deciding Between Painting and Staining Your Garage Door

Deciding Between Painting and Staining Your Garage Door

Find out if painting or staining is better for your garage door.

When you’re deciding on a finish for your garage door, there are two primary options that people tend to choose, and those options are painting and staining. Both of these choices are viable, but you should consider the trade-offs of each before reaching a final verdict, so you can make the most informed decision possible. Find out if painting or staining is better for your garage door.

What Protection is Provided?

Being properly protected against outdoor elements, such as wind, rain, and debris, is valuable for any garage door. Fortunately, whether you pick painting or staining, both do a wonderful job at keeping your door safe. The quality of protection you get is pretty similar no matter which option you choose, so you can go with either option if protection is the deciding factor for you.


Both paints and stains will require reapplications as the years pass, however, when it comes to longevity, paints tend to last longer than stains. This isn’t a universal truth, though, because the quality of paint you get will play a role in determining how long you can go without a new application.

Cheap paints won’t last nearly as long, meaning you’ll have to reapply more often. Higher-quality paints give you more longevity, so it’s often a good idea to invest a little extra money initially so that you don’t have to reapply nearly as frequently as you would if you invested in cheaper paints.

Stains Are Great For Bringing Out the Beauty of Your Garage Door

Aesthetics can be a pretty big deal for some garage door owners, and stains are better for preserving the beauty of your door. Paints will cover up your door’s natural lines inside of the woodgrain, and you will lose the natural color your door has, so it doesn’t do as good a job at retaining your door’s natural appeal if that is the vision you have in mind.

Stains, in contrast, are great for bringing out your door’s natural charm. Some even come in clear versions, allowing you to preserve the exact color your garage door has, all while getting the same protection you would get with paint.

Paints Allow You to Have More Options

While stains have a fairly wide range of colors from which to choose, paint colors are far more vast, giving you more creative liberty with how to color your door. You can mix pretty much whatever shades and colors you want, meaning you’ll have an easier time getting your garage door to match the look of your home.

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