Five Signs You Need A Residential Garage Door Repair

Five Signs You Need A Residential Garage Door Repair

There are signs to watch out for that can indicate a residential garage door repair is necessary.

Did you know that homeowners typically close their garage doors around 1,500 times per year? When a garage door gets opened and closed that many times, it can start to get worn down, which is why you need to take the necessary measures to repair it.

Performing proper maintenance will help your door to operate safely, and will help extend its longevity too. Most garage doors last a couple of decades, but if you take good care of it, your door will last a long time.

Performing proper maintenance first starts with knowing when repairs are needed. There are signs to watch out for that can indicate a residential garage door repair is necessary.

The Door Won’t Open Or Close

It’s frustrating when your garage door won’t open or close as you want. Usually, this problem arises because of a faulty component of the door. The cables may be broken, the opener could be malfunctioning, or the opener might have a stripped gear. It’s also possible the springs in the door could be the source of the problem. Any of these issues warrant a residential garage door repair.

There are even times that your garage door will stop halfway while opening. If this happens, or your door won’t open to any capacity, you likely need to replace the springs.

Your Garage Door Is Noisy

Not only are strange noises annoying, but they also signal the need for a residential garage door repair. The repairs you need to make will vary based on the sound you hear. As an example, rumbling and grating noises suggest there’s a problem with your torsion springs.

If you hear popping sounds, the sections might not be coming together as they should. If your door drags across the track, you’ll hear a grinding noise.

When you hear any of these suspicious sounds, you know that you’ll need a residential garage door repair.

Your Garage Door Came Off The Tracks

The rollers on the door help it open and close smoothly, and when the rollers go off the track, the door becomes more difficult and dangerous to use. There are a few reasons the rollers could come off the track:

  • A vehicle collides with the door
  • The horizontal tracks misalign with the vertical rails
  • The rollers break or wear out
  • A lift cable breaks

Residential garage door repair procedures must take place regardless of how your garage door came off the tracks. Injuries can happen to people trying to open and close the door until repairs are made.

Your Garage Is Out Of Balance

If your garage is out of balance, and it is not repaired immediately, one spring could get more worn down than the other. An over-stressed spring will eventually snap, and the weakened spring will make it harder on your garage door opener. This can cause your door to fail you sooner. Look to see if your door appears to be sagging or if it doesn’t close evenly. These are the top ways to see if your garage door is imbalanced. But there are other steps you can take to see if your garage door is out of balance.

Shut down your automatic opener and open your door manually up until the halfway point. The garage door needs repairs if it continues going up or down. Check the balance of your garage door monthly.

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