Five Tips To Help Maintain Your Commercial Garage Door

Five Tips To Help Maintain Your Commercial Garage Door

There are several things you can watch for when performing maintenance on your commercial garage door.

Garage doors are used regularly. No matter the time of day, week, or year, you should always take precautions to ensure your commercial garage door is functioning as it is meant to function. Because you should take good care of your garage door, you should make a habit of performing garage door maintenance. The door will still age over time, but if you give it the proper attention, you can get much more use out of it. There are several things you can watch for when performing maintenance on your commercial garage door.

Lubricate The Door

Applying 3-in-1 lubricant to different sections of the commercial garage door helps keep the rollers, springs, and hinges in peak form. Make sure to lubricate the pulleys on the extension springs too, as well as the bearings on the torsion springs. After you’re done, make sure you wipe down all parts you lubricated clean

It’s possible you will also need to lubricate the door opener. If necessary, apply the same lubricant you use on the garage door to the opener. You should apply it to the full length of the door opener rail, which is typically operated by either a belt, chain or screw drive.

Keep An Eye On The Hardware

A commercial garage door will be opening and closing hundreds of times a year if not more. Using it that often can take a toll on the hardware. For this reason, you’ll want to be sure the hardware isn’t too loose, as this is a risk that comes up over time.

Check The Weatherstripping

When performing commercial garage door maintenance, checking the weatherstripping is a must. Look to see if natural light is getting into your garage. If it is, then that means outdoor air is getting in too, which would mean you need to replace the weatherstripping.

If the door is wooden, you’ll want to apply bottom weatherstripping as well. It isn’t too difficult to purchase. To make certain, you get the perfect length for your weatherstripping; you’ll need to measure the width of the door.

Clear The Tracks

The tracks on any commercial garage door must be clear. Be sure they aren’t susceptible to debris or any other items capable of bumping the tracks out of place.

Maintain The Door

This might sound like a given, but aside from the mechanical nuances that go into keeping your commercial garage door functional, maintaining the door itself is vital. If the door is wooden, you’ll want to scout for water damage and warping, as well as if the paint is peeling or getting chipped. For steel doors, make sure you touch up rust spots with priming, painting, and sanding. Also, make sure to wash the steel door with an all-purpose cleaner as you would when washing your car.

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