Fixing a Wood Garage Door That Has Rotted

Fixing a Wood Garage Door That Has Rotted

It becomes imperative to know the warning signs of a potentially rotting wooden garage door.

For the most part, garage doors will undergo a lot of wear and tear over time. In fact, many homeowners tend to choose wooden garage doors for a number of different reasons — and wooden garage doors are a great choice. But, because wood is a natural material, it will require some proper maintenance and upkeep as it tends to rot when not properly maintained. The reality is, taking steps to keep your wooden garage door well maintained isn’t as hard as it seems — it just requires proper practice. Fortunately, there are many innovations that have been created to ensure that your wood doors are rot-resistant. Ultimately, over time, the oil on the wooden door might begin to evaporate after many years — which is why it becomes imperative to know the warning signs of a potentially rotting wooden garage door. Here are the best ways you can begin to repair a wooden door that has rotted.

Removing All The Rot

Removing the rot in the wooden garage door becomes increasingly important when you have a wooden garage door that has started to rot. In fact, there are some helpful steps you can take to remove any rot effectively and efficiently. The reality is, as you start the repairing process, you’ll definitely want to locate any and all the rot. Ultimately, finding all the areas where your wooden door has started to rot will make it easier to fix in the long run.

Filling All The Holes

As soon as you’ve removed all the rot, it then becomes important to then fill all the holes where the rot was removed. In fact, using a polyester filler to fill the holes is the best way to do so. The reality is, the best way to fill all the holes tends to include a putty knife and wood filler. Ultimately, while repairing a wooden garage door can be accomplished on your own,it might require a bit too much work for the average homeowner. Instead, it might be beneficial to call in the professionals for a quicker repair and solution. At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong when it comes to filling your wooden garage doors, but making sure the task is accomplished effectively and efficiently might just be best left in the hands of the professionals.

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