Garage Door Cleaning Advice for Spring


Garage Door Cleaning Advice for Spring

Today, we’ll be giving you advice on how to get garage door cleaning done this spring.

Spring is finally here, and that means it’s time to get spring cleaning done around your house. Many people think about cleaning the inside of their homes when they hear about spring cleaning, and while this is a smart idea, there is another area of your home that will be in need of cleaning: your garage door. Cleaning your garage door is important because it’s exposed to all kinds of weather, and it needs to be strong and sturdy all year long if it’s going to endure those weather conditions. Today, we’ll be giving you advice on how to get garage door cleaning done this spring.

Scrub Your Door

The first part of garage door cleaning involves scrubbing all of the grime and dirt that has collected onto your garage door. Just make sure to avoid using any abrasive cleaning supplies because these can cause damage to the surface of your door. If there are particularly tough stains that you need to remove, a solution of water and bleach should do the trick.

Wipe Down Your Door’s Weatherstripping

Garage door cleaning should also include wiping down your door’s weatherstripping. After you’ve done that, and the weatherstripping has dried, you can give your weatherstripping a new coat of lubricant so that it doesn’t crack or dehydrate. Preferably, it’s best if you apply lubricant in this manner every two or three months.

Take Care of Your Hardware

Your garage door will have some metal pieces that need cleaning. As such, you should take a non-abrasive cloth and get it just a little bit wet. Once you’ve done that, take that cloth and wipe down the metal components of your door.

After those components have had time to completely dry, you should do what you did with your weatherstripping, and apply a lubricant to every part of the door you wiped down. You should also test these components of your door to be sure that they’re in working order.

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