Garage Door Features You’ll Want to Have

Garage Door Features You’ll Want to Have

Let’s take a look at various garage door features you could get for your door.

Are you thinking about getting a new garage door installed? Perhaps you have a garage door built already, but you want to make improvements to it? In either case, before you do anything else, you should consider which garage door features you’ll want to have. Some features help bolster curb appeal, while others exist to provide more safety to your garage. Let’s take a look at various garage door features you could get for your door.

Safety Features

Given how heavy garage doors can be, you want to have safety features in place that prevent the door from harming anyone around your house. Some of the features you should consider include:

  • Force sensors
  • Auto-reverse capabilities
  • Motion-detecting sensors
  • Override for your garage door opener

Security Features

Security and safety might sound similar, but in this context, there is a distinction to be made. The safety features we mentioned are meant to protect people from physical injuries. The following security features are meant to protect people from intruders:

  • Remote lockout
  • Remote garage door openers
  • Access codes

Think About the Garage Door Material

When constructing a garage door, you’ll have to decide on the material that’s used to build it. Fortunately, you have plenty of choices.

You have wood doors, which offer plenty of aesthetic appeal. On the flipside, they’re prone to different types of environmental damage, like rotting and splitting.

You could also get a vinyl garage door. These doors are perfect for families that have young children because of how durable and dent-resistant they are.

You also have your choice of metal doors. Steel and aluminum are some of the more common materials that are used for metal garage doors. Of these two materials, steel is the more durable one, and it’s known for being one of the most long-lasting door materials of them all. Aluminum garage doors are still strong, but a little more prone to being dented. With that said, aluminum doors are lightweight, and they also have rust resistance, making them great for people who live in humid areas.

Let First Choice Garage Doors Find The Right Door For You

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