Garage Door Maintenance Tips to Follow This Spring

Garage Door Maintenance Tips to Follow This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to check these important garage door maintenance tasks off of your to do list.

The garage door is not something most people spend a lot of time thinking about, especially when it is working correctly. But like so many other things in the home, if you want it to continue working like it should (and looking as good as it should), you need to devote time and attention to its maintenance. If you let these maintenance tasks slide, you could find that your garage door becomes a bigger issue than you’re ready to handle. Don’t wait. Spring is the perfect time to check these important garage door maintenance tasks off of your to do list. 


Check For Odd Sounds

Operate your door a few times and watch and listen as it opens and shuts. The movement should be smooth – if it is jerky, that could be the sign of an impending issue. Does it make a lot of noise as it operates? This could also be the sign of an issue – especially if the amount of sound it makes has recently changed. You should do this at least once a year when you’re doing maintenance, but it doesn’t hurt to do it more often. Depending on the material of your door, it may be more apt to be affected by seasonal weather changes, so watching and listening to the door operation seasonally is a good idea.



Use spray silicon to lubricate all of the parts of the garage door that need it. This usually includes the springs, tracks, rollers, bushings, and hinges. Doing this routine oiling of the moving parts can help increase the longevity of your garage door. Some common issues with garage doors stem from issues with the track or from broken springs. Keeping the door’s components lubricated can help avoid some of these issues.


Maintain The Exterior

Part of the value of a garage (and the garage door) is that it improves curb appeal and helps to raise the value of your home. This isn’t true if the outside of your door is a mess. In this case, mess doesn’t just mean dirty, though keeping it clean certainly helps. If the garage door is made of wood, you also need to be maintaining the wood by periodically cleaning and sealing as needed. Steel doors require even less maintenance of the material, and aluminum is also incredibly low maintenance as well.


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