Garage Door Materials to Consider When Replacing Your Door

Garage Door Materials to Consider When Replacing Your Door

Here are some ideas for what material you should use for your garage door.

A garage door is a long-term investment. The material you pick for your door will influence its longevity, appearance, and functionality. These are all crucial factors as garage doors are known to bolster home’s monetary values and add significant curbside appeal. Here are some ideas for what material you should use for your garage door.

Wood and Composite

From an aesthetic perspective, wood garage doors are without peer. There’s a reason they have been the favorite for many homeowners for decades. They are a timeless classic, and they are highly customizable, meaning you can get whatever appearance you want. You will have to refinish your door from time to time, however.

Composite doors have a similar appeal. The main difference is that they don’t weigh as much, and they are usually a little cheaper.


A steel garage door doesn’t offer the same appeal as a wooden door, but it also doesn’t take as much work to maintain. This makes a steel garage door better for homeowners who don’t have as much time to care for their doors. Keep in mind that rusting and denting are still a concern, so you may want to get a fiberglass overlay to help you resist these problems.


Since aluminum is a light material, this is the material you want for a garage door that has wide double doors. The price you pay for your garage door can vary based on what features you want. Cheaper doors are more susceptible to denting, while pricier ones have paneling that helps them resist denting.


Since fiberglass is a flexible material, it can be made to mimic the attributes of other garage door materials. You can get a door that’s elegant, customizable, and affordable. Over time, fiberglass can start to yellow and break down. This is especially true if you are in a colder climate, so keep a close eye on your door so you can address these issues as they come up.


Vinyl garage doors are known for being child-friendly because of their ability to heavily resist any denting or breaking. They have similar properties to fiberglass, but they are more resilient and only require that you clean them off with a hose on occasion. These doors don’t come in as many colors, but if you don’t mind the smaller color palette available, a vinyl garage door is a perfect option.

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