Garage Door Opener Features You’ll Want to Have

Garage Door Opener Features You'll Want to Have

First Choice Garage Doors is here to walk you through five features to consider looking for in your new garage door opener.

Most garage door openers can last 10-15 years with the proper care. However, some people upgrade their door openers more often to benefit from the latest technology, which quickly advances every few years. First Choice Garage Doors is here to walk you through five features to consider looking for in your new garage door opener. Each of these features has unique benefits. 

Backup Battery

Do you own an older garage door opener? If so, you might have to disengage the garage door opener whenever a power outage happens, manually opening and closing the garage until the power restores. This task is inconvenient when using flashlights and candles during a power outage. A garage door opener with a built-in battery backup system is excellent.


A built-in battery backup system functions as usual during power outages to prevent the hassle of manually disengaging the door opener during the blackout. Also, if the new opener has a built-in security light, the overhead might stay lit during a power outage.

Smartphone Capabilities

Many new openers are Wi-Fi enabled. Smart garage door openers often connect to a downloadable app on your smartphone or another internet-enabled device such as a laptop. After downloading this app, you can open and close the garage door even when you aren’t home.


You can also look at the app to see if the garage door is opened or closed. Controlling your garage door remotely benefits you if you have teenagers or children that open the garage door inadvertently. Also, if you want to let friends or family inside your home while you aren’t there, you can do so without providing them with keys.

Wireless Keypad Control

Some people keep remotes in their vehicles, but a wireless keypad attaches to your home’s exterior right next to your garage door. You enter your garage door code into the keypad.


Garage door keypads are beneficial because if you leave your home for a quick walk or jog without taking your keys, you can enter and exit your home by punching in the keypad code.


If you have children who leave their keys frequently, you can have them enter the house through the garage door instead. Also, if you even lose your garage door remote, you can operate your door opener with this keypad until you order a replacement.

Quieter Operation

Most people know someone is coming home because they can hear the garage. Consider investing in a modern opener that doesn’t make as much sound if your current door opener is noisy and the noise bothers you.


Chain-drive operators make a lot of noise when a garage door opens because their metal chains rub against the opener track, vibrating as the door opens. On the other hand, Belt-drive openers make less noise because their belts consist of smooth materials that slide quietly against the track and do not vibrate.


Also, direct current (DC) motors are typically quieter than alternating current (AC) motors. A belt-drive operator with a DC motor should do the trick to reduce noise significantly.


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