Garage Door Painting Tips

Garage Door Painting Tips

Here are a few garage door painting tips.

Garage door painting should be a consideration because while garage doors are functional, they can also add style to a home. For these reasons, garage doors need proper maintenance and care. You might be skeptical if you’ve never painted a garage door. After all, garage doors have panels and hinges that require precise maneuvering. However, with the proper technique, it’s possible to paint a garage door beautifully and accurately and make fewer mistakes. Here are a few garage door painting tips. 

Clean the Doors

The best paint jobs start with a clean surface. You might feel the instinct to reach for a pressure washer to expedite the process. However, doing so can damage your garage doors. It’s best to clean your doors with a sponge or cloth soaked in warm soapy water to be safe. Then, you should rinse it with a regular hose and blot it dry.

Cover the Surrounding Areas

You can avoid getting your siding, driveway, roof, or gutters messy by covering these areas accordingly. It’s best to lay down drop cloths underneath the door and create an awning around it using masking tape and 12-inch paper.

Consider Spray Painting

An exterior painting that utilizes spray gets done much faster. It also helps you cover tight crevices that rollers and brushes might struggle to reach. If you use this method, remember that paint particles might end up where you don’t want them. Therefore, it’s best to be cautious of your technique and wear a face mask and goggles.

Cover all Angles

Garage door painting is as simple as painting a wall because garage doors are paneled, lacking a flat surface. It will be a little more of a challenge to cover every inch of the doors. One way to solve this is to spray the door left to right and then up and down. You might miss a few areas, regardless. Therefore, you want to ensure that you paint your garage door thoroughly.

Keep a Small Paintbrush Handy

You can use a sprayer for most of the job. However, it’s still best practice to have a small or medium paintbrush handy to paint any trim or touch up smaller areas at the end of the paint job.

Paint Gaps

Allow your doors to dry. It would help if you considered lifting the garage door to ensure that debris doesn’t land on the wet paint. You can partially lift your doors so the seam will be open, and do this for each section until you cover them all. After that, you should paint the gaps between each section. You can use a ladder if the cracks are too high to see.


Garage door painting is a way to add life to an old garage door. However, consider calling a professional if your door is no longer as secure or valuable as you think it should be. First Choice Garage Doors is an excellent garage door installation and repair company to care for your needs.


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