Garage Door Problems That Are Frustrating to Experience

Garage Door Problems That Are Frustrating to Experience

Read on for the most frustrating garage door problems that you could potentially face.

Having a garage is a brilliant way to extend the usable space of your home. Obviously, it’s a great place to park a vehicle, keeping it out of the elements and safe from theft or vandalism. A garage is also a great way to eke extra storage space out of your home, especially for seasonal items that you don’t need to access all that frequently. As valuable as a garage is, however, it can still cause problems that become a real headache – especially when the garage door doesn’t work. Read on for the most frustrating garage door problems that you could potentially face.

Excessive Noise

If your garage door makes a loud screeching or grinding sound every time it opens or closes, it can be a headache in more ways than one. These days, automatic garage door systems don’t have to be noisy and irritating, and if they are, it is likely a sign that it needs to be serviced. You can try to fix the issue yourself by lubricating rollers and tightening loose bolts, but if the grinding appears to be coming from the spring or the tracks, you should call a professional.

The Halfway Open

When you trigger your garage door to open or close, and it only moves halfway, that’s the halfway open. This frustrating problem makes it difficult, if not impossible, to use your garage and possibly creates a security risk for your home. The first thing you’ll have to do is make sure there’s nothing physically obstructing the door’s path. This could include something on the track, something snagging the cables, or friction on the wheels. You may be able to fix these issues yourself, or you may need to call in a professional.

The Tease

The tease is a door that starts to open and gets a little way but then reverses and closes. Sometimes you may be able to help the door by shouldering some of the weight yourself (except then you may as well have a manual door). In these cases, the culprit is likely a damaged torsion spring. The spring is the counterbalance to the door’s weight, and without it, the opener can’t lift the heavy door. Call a professional to resolve this problem.

The Phantom Open

The phantom open is a garage door that opens on its own. You don’t push the button or trigger the sensor, yet the door is open the next time you come by. This is a frustrating issue because it can cause conflict in your family (if you blame each other for forgetting to close the door) and open you up to theft or vandalism of your property. The source of your issue may be a mechanical issue, or it may be that another door in the neighborhood has a similar transmitter code. In that case, you should reprogram your remote. Alternatively, you should check your remote for sticking buttons or see if it needs new batteries.

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