Getting Your Garage Door Ready for Hurricanes

Getting Your Garage Door Ready for Hurricanes

Here is how to prepare your garage door for a hurricane.

We’re in the midst of hurricane season right now, and it’s always best to be prepared for hurricanes in case one hits your area. Common things people may do in preparation for a hurricane include boarding their windows shut, purchasing and storing large amounts of food and water, or potentially leaving the area until the storm passes.

Hurricanes do massive damage to properties. One part of your property that might not be on your radar during a hurricane is your garage door. Since these doors are exposed to hurricanes, you need to be sure they’re ready to withstand everything these storms have to throw at them. Here is how to prepare your garage door for a hurricane.

Get Braces Attached

Garage doors are typically designed with convenience in mind. To make them easier to bring up and down, they are often made from lighter metals or fiberglass. The problem is that materials such as these won’t hold up well during a hurricane.

That’s where door braces come into play. If you have braces for your garage door, attach them to add more durability to it. Just keep in mind that doors that are flimsier and older still might be vulnerable to hurricanes, even with this additional protection.

Get a Garage Door That is Wind-Resistant

If you haven’t already purchased a garage door, or you’re looking to replace an old one, you should get a door that has heavy wind resistance.  This is a more proactive approach to getting prepared for hurricanes since you’re investing in a door that already has some protection against these types of storms. Garage doors with wind resistance are available in a range of ratings. Therefore, you should consider how much wind protection you think your door will need, based on where you live.

Get a Garage Door That is Impact-Resistant

This is another piece of advice we offer to those who are going to get a new garage door soon. Since hurricanes send plenty of debris into the air, it’s likely that your garage door is going to take some hits. By getting an impact-resistant door, it can take those hits more easily. It’s best to speak to a professional garage door company when trying to figure out what kind of door is best suited for your property.

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