How Often Your Commercial Garage Door Will Need Servicing

How Often Your Commercial Garage Door Will Need Servicing

Your commercial garage door is the gateway to your business, which means that regular servicing and maintenance are crucial.

Your commercial garage door is the gateway to your business, which means that regular servicing and maintenance are crucial. If you put off servicing your commercial garage door, you will likely have to replace or repair it once a problem arises, which will cost your business both time and money. Your garage door doesn’t have to be serviced constantly, but establishing a regular schedule is beneficial. If you want to learn how to determine the best times for regular servicing and how you can tell when you need to tend to your garage door, keep reading.

The Usage Frequency of Your Commercial Garage Door

Commercial garage doors are used extensively throughout the day. The more you use your door, the more you need to keep an eye on its service dates. For instance, commercial garage doors that are used once a day or less may require only an annual checkup. However, if your doors see heavy traffic, they would benefit from quarterly servicing to keep them running smoothly. No matter how often you use your garage door, it is recommended to schedule an annual service appointment to guarantee that you are never surprised by door malfunctions.

Everyday Wear and Tear

If your commercial garage door has not received any damage, you will still want to have it serviced to ensure no smaller problems are left untreated. Any cracks or dents caused by minor collisions or forklifts will only worsen over time and may eventually cause significant issues.

The Quality of the Garage Door

If you have high-quality, long-lasting garage doors installed, they will likely require less upkeep than a garage door without that same high caliber of design and material. If your door is not operating optimally, call in for a service checkup. Tell-tale signs of poor garage door operation are improper alignment, unusual noises, or an ineffective photo eye sensor.

The Garage Door Location

If your commercial garage door is in a location that sees frequent use and traffic, it may be more prone to scratches, dents, and other damage. If that is the case, you should consider servicing your door more regularly than once a year. These high-risk areas can also include zones that have been tampered with or have faced break-in attempts in the past. If your door is placed there, keeping your door serviced and working correctly is a necessary safety precaution.

In general, every commercial garage door should be serviced once a year. However, quarterly or bi-annual servicing appointments may be required if your door is used frequently or is in a high-risk area.

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