How Summer Weather Can Impact Your Garage Door

How Summer Weather Can Impact Your Garage Door

Find out about the dangers of summer weather on your garage door.

When you purchase a garage door, you have to take the weather conditions into account. Your door will constantly be exposed to the elements. Think about how cold or warm the weather gets, and what hazardous conditions you may have to endure. But what does weather actually do to your door? Find out about the dangers of summer weather on your garage door.

Sensors Being Hit By Sunlight and Heat

Your garage door likely features sensors capable of detecting obstructions underneath the overhead door. These sensors tell the door to go in reverse to stop itself from crushing anything in its way. What makes this awkward is when direct sunlight is detected by the sensors, and the sunlight gets identified as an obstruction. If you think your garage door is going up for no reason, it might be because of sunlight interfering with your sensors.

Some sensors can even be affected by heat if temperatures get high enough. Heat can impact your sensors’ wiring that affects the operating motor. Insulated garage doors can help remedy this problem because they keep the doors from getting too hot during the summer.


Moisture is a big problem for your garage door, especially if it’s made out of wood. It inhibits your door’s ability to move smoothly. When the summer weather gets too humid, which can often happen in states near the ocean, your door may start to stick.

It helps to have lubricant on hand to keep your door from getting too sticky during humid weather. Your door should be lubricated monthly, addressing all of your metal parts and your chain drive. If you don’t know what lubricant to use, you can consult a garage door professional to find something for you based on the door you have.


While a garage door should be able to withstand typical summer storms, this doesn’t mean they aren’t impacted. Thunderstorms can result in power outages, meaning your door may not open when you need it. It’s best to know how to manually open your door so as not to develop a dependency on opening it by other means. Using a single-plug surge protector also helps because it can assist in protecting your door from sudden power surges, as the name implies.

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