How to Fix Your Wood Garage Door If It Has a Hole

How to Fix Your Wood Garage Door If It Has a Hole

Today, we will review how to fix smaller holes in your wood garage door.

Have you ever done something like back your car into your garage door? It’s not a pleasant time, and it can cause a hole in your door to form. Sometimes, you may have hit your door slowly, in which case the damage may not be too severe. Other times, however, the damage could be much worse. If you have a massive hole in your door, it’s likely that you’ll need the help of a professional garage door repair company. With smaller holes, though, you should be able to manage on your own. Today, we will review how to fix smaller holes in your wood garage door.

Get the Surface Cleaned

Before you start making repairs, you’ll want the surface of your door to be clean. This makes it easier for filler to properly stick to the surface because debris could make the adhesion process more difficult.

A sponge and some soap water are all you’ll need to wash the afflicted area. If you notice any splinters in your wood garage door, some needle-nose pliers are great for removing them.

Fix the Spot That Was Damaged

Once the wood has entirely dried off, you can start to use epoxy wood filler, which you can get at various hardware stores. Use whatever sized filler is suitable for the hole you need to mend.  Rub the filler between your fingers because this will help to soften it. When you think it can stick to the surface, apply it to your hole.

There may be cracks and crevices that are tough to reach with your hands alone, and in this situation, a screwdriver can be the perfect tool to push the filler into those creases. If more filler is needed, go and pinch another piece of it so you can apply it to the hole.

Finish Your Garage Door

After the putty has had time to harden, a sander that has sandpaper with fine-grit should be used to smooth out the putty. Keep sanding until the putty matches the remainder of your garage door.

Use a level to monitor your door, making sure you don’t do too much sanding. After you’ve smoothed out the damaged area, paint the surface until your door looks like new again.

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