How to Maintain the Finish On Your Wood Garage Door

How to Maintain the Finish On Your Wood Garage Door

Here is what you need to do to maintain the look of your wood garage door.

If you are someone who owns a wood garage door, you know how much it influences the look of your house. Depending on how you decorate your door, you can achieve any number of aesthetic designs, such as rustic, luxurious, or modern looks.

Wood is a gorgeous material for any garage door, but it does come with some regular maintenance requirements if you want it to maintain its beautiful appearance. Here is what you need to do to maintain the look of your wood garage door.

Regular Cleaning is Necessary

If you allow too much moisture or dirt to pile onto your wood garage door, it will eventually begin to bend and warp. Fortunately, this is something that is preventable with some simple cleaning. All you need is a rag and a little water with some mild soap. As long as you clean your wood garage door on an annual basis, that should be sufficient for preventing warping or bending from occurring, but it can sometimes be helpful to clean a little more frequently than that.

Check Your Wood Garage Door for Rot

Since your wood garage door is made from, well, wood, the door will be vulnerable to different issues pertaining to wood rot, bacteria, and fungi if it has to deal with too much moisture. This is why you’ll need to be vigilant and check on your door occasionally to see if it has sustained any damage. Pay attention to your door’s bottom and trim work. You can check for damage by trying to run a screwdriver through the wood. Wood that is hard and sturdy is fine. If the wood has gone soft, though, or if your screwdriver is able to pierce through the wood, that is when professional help will be needed.

Be Aware of Pests

For those with a wood garage door, you also have to be on the lookout for pests that could try to chew away at your door. Slugs, snails, and termites are among the pests that could cause your door problems if you aren’t careful.

To find out if any of these pests are causing trouble, see if there are small holes in the surface of your garage door. These holes could exist due to pests such as these.

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