How To Prevent Garage Door Damage

Garage Door Damage

Avoid garage door damage with these tips.

Your garage door is one of the most important aspects on the front of your home. In some cases, a garage door can take up almost 30% of the front of your house, as such, ensuring it looks and operates at its best is critical to keeping your homes value and curb appeal high. Whether you’ve recently replaced your door, or if you’re trying to ensure an older option lasts as long as possible, these care tips can help keep it looking great.

Inspect The Door And Tracks

Keeping an eye out for visual signs of wear and tear to the exterior and the track is one of the first steps to ensuring a long-lasting garage door. Look for signs of damage like dents and cracks as well as chipped paint as these can lead to more significant aesthetic damage. Next, check the track for bends, dips, or any issues; keep a close eye on the track as it opens and closes while looking for any problems. While this care is easy to do on your own, it may benefit you to have a professional check on occasion as they may spot problems you miss.

Keep Moving Parts Lubricated

Almost every homeowner should be able to keep their garage door well lubricated on their own. While this step is simple, it’s often forgotten and is critical to ensuring that your door runs smoothly year after year. Spray lubricant or a few drops of engine oil should be applied to the springs, bearings, hinges and all other moving parts.

Ensure Proper Sealing

When standing inside your garage with the lights out check along the bottom of the closed door for cracks of light. This can make you aware if the door is closing unevenly or if there is damage to the seal. If there is an issue with the seal, it should be replaced to help reduce your heating and cooling bills. If the door itself seems to be the problem, it’s time to call in a professional to ensure its set correctly.

Keep Your Garage Organized

Perhaps the most straightforward trick for keeping your garage door free of damage is also the easiest, make sure it is out of harm’s way from belongings. Keeping the clutter in your garage under control and away from the door will prevent accidents and keep your home more organized.

Unmatched Garage Door Expertise

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