How to Tell a Garage Door Company is Untrustworthy

How to Tell a Garage Door Company is Untrustworthy

Here are some of the indicators that a garage door company should not be trusted.

When you’re in need of a garage door repair, you may feel pressured to go with the first company you find. This can backfire, however, because there are some companies that want to exploit people who don’t understand how a proper repair should be done. They do what they can to take advantage of their clients, all while delicately playing within the realm of what’s legal, so they don’t get into trouble. Don’t let yourself become a victim for a garage door company like this.

If you can stay educated on warning signs, you’ll know which companies to avoid. Here are some of the indicators that a garage door company should not be trusted.

They “Specialize in Repairs”

A garage door company will usually offer installations on top of repair services. If the company you’re considering says they only do repairs, that’s a red flag. They might focus only on repair work so that clients won’t know if they are being scammed on the price of the service. Aside from the expense of the service, some people won’t know if a repair is actually necessary. Because of this, they may look for the opinion of a so-called “repair specialist.”

To avoid getting scammed, get bids from multiple companies before you commit to a proposal. A scammer’s bid will stand out against the legitimate ones, allowing you to detect them before you get sucked into their scams.

Generic Answers Over the Phone

If you get in contact with a company, and they give you a generic-sounding company name, such as “Garage Door Company,” it’s likely that the company is a fraud.

To weed out scammers, ask the one on the phone what the company name is and who is speaking to them. If you think their answer is sketchy, hang up the phone and look for another company.

They Don’t Have a Permanent Address

There are a few “companies” that will conduct business from their vehicle. It’s always suspicious if a company doesn’t have a permanent address because it may seem like they don’t want to be found. However, you should do some research on their website before you reach a final verdict. If you can find a permanent address on the website and confirm it’s real, then the company could be legitimate.

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