How Your Garage Door is Impacted by Leaves


How Your Garage Door is Impacted by Leaves

These are a few of the manners in which leaves can affect your garage door.

Fall is here, and with the new season, the leaves have begun to fall off of the trees around us. As colorful leaves flutter in the air around us, we get a glimpse of how beautiful this season can be. While we want to enjoy watching the leaves fall, however, we also have to be aware of the damage these leaves can cause. One area that leaves can impact is your garage door.

Knowing how leaves can affect your door will allow you to plan ahead and be ready to protect your door when more leaves begin falling. These are a few of the manners in which leaves can affect your garage door.

Blocking Your Sensors

There’s a good amount of wind during fall, and this wind can blow leaves into places that are less than ideal. For example, leaves can get blown into the proximity of your garage door’s sensors. It’s important for your sensors to be unobstructed. They need a clear view so that your door operates the way it should.

Therefore, you should make it a part of regular maintenance to get rid of any dead leaves and debris that could block your door’s sensors. If you do this and your garage door still doesn’t work, it could be another problem, such as issues with your motor or exhausted batteries.

Keep Track of Debris

If leaves start to pile onto the tracks of your garage door, what normally happens is that those leaves will get crushed into the tracks. This will ultimately clog the tracks, which makes your rollers and garage door less efficient.

The best way for you to remedy this problem is by checking on your garage door to ensure that leaves don’t have the opportunity to pile up too much and cause trouble. If you notice any debris, you should remove it as soon as you see it. Addressing debris at the moment, you find it means that the amount of debris remains smaller, making it easier to clear your tracks. When you are attempting to get debris out of the tracks of your garage door, the most effective methods are either by hand or with the help of a brush.

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