Kinds of Garage Doors You Can Install

Kinds of Garage Doors You Can Install

We’ve got the details on the common kinds of garage doors you may run into and what some of their benefits may be.

The right garage door should be as functional as it is beautiful. Because garage doors are so large, they often draw attention to anyone who goes by. As a result, it’s important that you choose carefully when thinking of what kind of door is right for you. There are many options you can find, ranging in materials, finishes, and colors, as well as how they function. Overwhelmed? Don’t worry. We’ve got the details on the common kinds of garage doors you may run into and what some of their benefits may be.

Sectional Doors

The most popular doors we see are sectional garage doors, which are composed of panels that are connected with hinges. When the door opens or closes, there are wheels at the edge of panels that roll into a vertical track located on the sides of the opening. A result of this design means the door can be parallel to the ceiling when the door is completely open, or when completely closed, in line with the walls. These doors are common because they are low-maintenance and can be easily customized.

Rolling Garage Doors

While these are more common in commercial installations, roll-up doors are good if you have limited ceiling space. The construction involves 2” or 3” steel slats that roll up around a drum. They’re built to last heavy usage and their springless design can prevent corrosion, rust, or freezing. However, they are also more costly as a result.

Side to Side

As one might expect with a name like this, side garage doors operate by pulling them to the side so they’re parallel to the wall. These were one of the first styles around and were ideal for garages that didn’t have enough headroom. They do not need balancing springs and can be installed with a built-in motor for automated operation.


It’s less common to see these days and more widely used in other countries, but side-hinged doors are an interesting, traditional design. They swing single large pieces open on a hinged frame similar to traditional barn doors. Despite their traditional design, they can still be automated with conversion arms.

Tilt-Up Doors

Similarly, tilt-up canopy doors have a single solid piece. Their pivoting hinge system lifts the door up into the garage. These doors then sit parallel to the garage ceiling and will extend outward once they are opened.

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