Knowing When Your Garage Door Opener Needs a New Battery

Knowing When Your Garage Door Opener Needs a New Battery

Here is how you should know that your garage door opener will need new batteries.

A garage door opener is a complicated piece of equipment. It utilizes all kinds of mechanisms in order to function properly. One thing that a garage door opener cannot be without is batteries. Because many openers get used north of one-thousand times every year, it’s to be expected that a battery replacement will be in order at some point. But how do you tell when your batteries need replacing? Here is how you should know that your garage door opener will need new batteries.

Test the Wall-Mounted Unit

This is one of the easier ways to tell if your garage door opener is the problem. Since both the opener and your wall-mounted unit can open your garage door, you can simply test both and see which ones work.

If your garage door only opens by using your wall-mounted unit, then your garage door opener isn’t working. With that said, new batteries aren’t always the answer. There could be a “lock” button on your remote, which stops it from working. If you’re sure the remote is unlocked and you still can’t get your garage door to move with it, then new batteries are likely the solution.

Your Door Doesn’t Respond Consistently to Your Garage Door Opener

Have you noticed that your opener isn’t able to consistently open your garage door? If so, then weak batteries in your remote are a common reason for this to occur. When you have weak batteries, it indicates to you that you should get new ones for your remote. Battery power is required in order to send an effective signal to your garage door opener.

How to Replace the Batteries on Your Garage Door Opener?

Replacing your opener’s batteries will only take a few steps. Depending on whichever model you have, you might just have to slide down the back cover, extract your old batteries, and put the new ones in. Other models might have more secure covers, which are fastened with screws. This just means you’ll need a screwdriver to get the cover off before you can replace your opener’s batteries. Other openers have coin slots along their sides. In these situations, put a quarter in the slot and then twist until you can remove the back and front of your case. This is how you get to the batteries.

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