Maintenance Suggestions for Your Wooden Garage Door

Maintenance Suggestions for Your Wooden Garage Door

If you have a wooden garage door, here are some maintenance suggestions that can help your door last for years to come.

Your garage door does a lot to bolster the appearance of your home, and beyond that, it provides your home with invaluable utility. For many people who use garage doors, they will often look to make their doors out of wood. Now, wood is an attractive material. Nothing can replicate the stunning appearance of a wooden garage door, and they can last a long time with proper care. If you have a wooden garage door, here are some maintenance suggestions that can help your door last for years to come.

Clean Your Doors

Wood absorbs moisture, and over time, this can cause your door to warp and rot. Prevent this by cleaning your wooden garage door with a little water, mild soap, and a rag. Just be sure to dry your door once you’re done cleaning it so that the water you used to clean your door doesn’t hurt it. You should get your door cleaned at least one time per year.

Check Your Door for Rot

Since your door is made from wood, it will be vulnerable to rot, bacteria, and fungus if it takes on too much moisture. That’s why you should check your wooden garage door occasionally, prodding the bottom of your door and the trim work with the help of a screwdriver. This lets you test the wood to see how firm it is. Wood that can be penetrated with the screwdriver is too soft and will need professional help to address.

Watch Out for Pests

If your home has a wooden garage door, you’ll also have to worry about pests that might try to eat your wood. If pests have gotten to your door, you will likely find tiny tunnels and holes where they ate through your wood.

Go With a Durable Coat of Finish

Your wooden garage door has to be able to handle many weather conditions, meaning you’ll need a strong finish to keep it protected. By using a strong finish on your door, you can protect it from sun and wind damage, as well as moisture and scratching. You’ll need to apply a new finish every few years to maintain its protective properties.

Get Rid of Chips and Peeling

All types of wood will eventually start to peel, so you want to stay on top of smoothing out your door. Get rid of chips and use a paint scraper before you apply a new finish to your door because otherwise, your finish won’t be applied to a smooth surface, meaning your finish will be applied unevenly to your door.

Inspect Your Door Regularly

Keep an eye on your door’s hardware, seals, surface, and moving pieces. Over time, parts of your door will start to get damaged and worn down, so you’ll want to catch these problems while they’re still small. Waiting too long to inspect your door runs the risk of a massive problem occurring before you realize there’s a problem in the first place.

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