Planning Out Your Garage Door Budget

Planning Out Your Garage Door Budget

Read on for a guide to planning out your budget for your new garage door.

If you have a garage, you know what a valuable asset it is. Garages offer an amazing extension to the storage space in your home. For most people, the garage is a space to store some seasonal items (like holiday supplies) out of the way during the rest of the year when you don’t need to get to them. But it can also be a space to store other seasonal items – such as yard games, bikes, and balls – were they can be easily reached for quick use. And, of course, it’s a great place to store your car, keeping it safe from theft or damage. But all of this is only really true if your garage doors work – otherwise how is all that stuff getting in and out of the garage. If the doors don’t work, you should think about replacing them. Read on for a guide to planning out your budget for your new garage door.

Regional Considerations

Before you begin your budget, start by considering the specific attributes of the region you live in. As an example, if you live in a coastal area, choosing a garage door that easily rusts means that it will rust very quickly unless you do the routine maintenance and up-keep to keep it looking nice. That upkeep has a cost that you need to factor into the overall budget, even if you won’t be shelling it out for a few months or even years.

Material Costs

All garage door materials have costs, of course, but even if one material is generally cheaper than another (vinyl being cheaper than steel, for instance), within the type of material you choose there will be a range of cost. Don’t automatically go as cheap as you can. You want the garage door to be a longterm investment, and cheap materials often mean a short lifespan.

Energy Efficiency and ROI

If your garage is detached and you do not have a plan to sell your home ever, this may matter less than the other points. For everyone else, however, this is an important consideration. You will spend more money than you save if you put a cheap, non-energy-efficient door on an attached garage because all of the extra energy you spend on heating and cooling your home. Additionally, a cheap door has a poorer return on investment than a sturdier, more expensive door.


Finally, if you’re replacing the door, you should probably replace the opener at the same time. If your current door opener is more than 10-15 years old (or close to it, since that is the average lifespan), it is going to also go up sooner or later. It makes more sense to replace everything all at one time.

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