Preparing Your Garage Door For the Fall

Preparing Your Garage Door For the Fall

Here is what you can do to get your garage door ready for fall.

We’re approaching the end of summer, meaning cooler weather is on the way. Preparing for fall involves many steps, including home preparation. One part of your home that warrants attention at this time will be your garage door. Garage doors are used daily, so they are likely to take on strain gradually over time. For this reason, you’ll need to monitor your door to ensure it is ready for the new season. Here is what you can do to get your garage door ready for fall.

Clean The Area Around Your Garage Door

Like all parts of your house, you want to keep your garage door clean, and it’s easier to do that when the surrounding area is kept tidy. You want to get rid of dirt that may have accumulated during the summer. A vacuum or hose can help with this.

Your safety sensors should also get realigned. This is important because it keeps the door from closing improperly. Misfiring sensors can be a great danger if you don’t address them soon.

Lastly, keep an eye on your batteries. Some may need to be changed after they’ve gotten enough use. If you don’t have any spares, go out and buy new ones, and make sure to purchase a spare set of batteries for the future.

Test Your Moving Pieces

If there are any dry and worn out pieces on your garage door, lubricating them is important for them. This goes for your springs, hinges, and rollers, among other small moving pieces your door has. If you see that these pieces are rusted, cracked, or chipped, you’ll have to get them replaced instead.

You can install insulation to make it easier for your garage door to function in colder weather. Using tools such as weatherstripping can go a long way towards keeping your door and the rest of your garage safe.

Listen For Unusual Sounds

If you hear anything a little bit off such as squeaking or an excess of sound, your garage door likely has some broken parts. Abnormal sounds usually signal bigger issues with your garage door, and these issues will continue to grow the longer you wait. That’s why you’ll want to keep an open ear, so you can address problems before they get out of hand.

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