Preventing Common Sources of Damage to Your Garage Door

Preventing Common Sources of Damage to Your Garage Door

There are types of damage your garage door can avoid.

During your time with your garage door, you probably recall a few instances in which your door suffered serious damage. Maybe you have a young driver around the house who drove up to your door a little too quickly. You might have been working with power tools one day and accidentally scratched your door’s paint. The point is that mistakes can happen, and your garage door is at risk of being damaged. Fortunately, there are types of damage your garage door can avoid.

Preventing Broken Hinges and Springs

Your hinges and springs are among the most crucial components for your garage door, and they are both vulnerable to breaking and rusting. Springs will break at some point, and it can’t be avoided, but by oiling and inspecting them regularly, you can significantly expand their lifespan. A lubricant can be applied so that your garage door can open and close without taking on as much stress. Also, monitor any creaking you hear or delayed movement you notice. If you detect either of these, you’ll want to get started on repairs immediately.

Dealing With Scratches and Dents

Dents and scratches are among the most common types of damage your garage door will accumulate. Your approach to deal with these will depend on the material from which your garage door is made.

For aluminum doors, parking guides are a great preventive measure you can take. Prevention is the preferred method, especially because aluminum is a thinner material than steel and a little less durable. In addition, by applying some wax to the door, you can keep corroding and rusting from happening.

Wooden doors can use wood sealer to minimize the damage they take from the outdoor elements. Also, something unique about wooden doors is that you can replace individual pieces. With that said, a parking guide is still helpful if you’re worried about driving into your garage door.

Can Homeowners Insurance Cover Damage to Your Garage Door?

No matter how hard we try, we have to accept that damage to our garage door will likely happen eventually. However, depending on what homeowners insurance you have, it could potentially cover the damage your door sustains. You should definitely think about whether the damage was caused by yourself or by someone else, just in case it plays a role in whether or not you will be covered.

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