Problems Your Garage Door May Face

Problems Your Garage Door May Face

Here are some problems your garage door might encounter that would require repairs from a professional.

Your garage door isn’t always something people think about when they talk about things needing to be repaired. The only time when you notice anything wrong with your door is when it doesn’t function as it normally should. This is often the time when people call in the help of a garage door repair company. So how do you know when your door needs repairs? Here are some problems your garage door might encounter that would require repairs from a professional.

Broken Springs

Your door’s springs help to open and close the door a certain number of times before they break. This is a pretty easy problem to detect because you’ll hear a loud sound when your springs break. This makes it difficult for your garage door to open and close, and it can be dangerous trying to move the door on your own. After calling professional help to get your springs fixed, it’s best to avoid using your door entirely until it’s repaired.

Broken Cables

Cables can break for a few reasons. Sometimes, they just get worn down while other times, they suffer from added strain caused by broken springs, which puts too much pressure on them. The way to notice if you have a broken cable is if your garage door seems to be sagging to one side. The sagging side of your door might also feel heavier than the other side. If all of your cables are broken, you might find that your door doesn’t stay in place after it’s opened. Instead, you’ll see that it falls the moment you open it, making it incredibly dangerous.

Sticking Rollers

Your rollers should be able to spin and turn. If you see them sticking or sliding, your door might end up falling off of the tracks. When you have sticking rollers, your garage door will make more noise when you go to open or close it.

Your Garage Door Closes and Reopens

This is a problem more common with automatic garage doors. It happens when your garage door opener needs adjusting. Openers come with door limit settings that let you control both the opening and closing functions of your door. There will sometimes be moments when you need to make small adjustments to your opener and do a little resynching.

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