Pros And Cons Of A Wood Garage Door Installation

Pros And Cons Of A Wood Garage Door Installation

If you go with a wood garage door installation, there will be some perks and drawbacks that come with it.

Wood garage doors are great. They have great appeal and can make any home look more glamorous. If you’ve been thinking about building a new home or perhaps remodeling and want to update your garage, you could install a wood garage door. If you go with a wood garage door installation, there will be some perks and drawbacks that come with it.

Pro: Customization

Wood garage doors have a seemingly endless array of possibilities for designs. When you start your wood garage door installation, you can choose from various types of timber, colors, and stains that can complement the look of your home. You could also go with windows, or add decorative hardware. There are even dozens of different paneling design choices. With wooden garage doors, the only limit is your imagination!

Con: Price

If you decide on a wood garage door installation, it will cost more than other types of doors such as steel. Also, keep in mind that, while you can customize your door, these customizations will be additional costs to your door. If you want to lower the price, you’ll want to go with a more simple door.

Pro: Eco-Friendly

Wood is a renewable resource, meaning it is more eco-friendly than garage doors made from other materials. Also, if a part of your door gets damaged, wood garage doors have the benefit of being able to replace the damaged portion alone rather than having to replace the entire door.

Con: Energy-Efficiency

If your door is attached to the house or another living area, energy efficiency may be a concern. Steel is usually a better insulator than wood. Fortunately, there are wood doors that have insulation. Keep in mind that higher insulation comes at a higher price.

Pro: Timeless

A wood garage door installation gives you a door with timeless charm to it.  You could go with a rustic look, a more classic appearance, or a luxurious appeal. It all depends on what style you like and what is best suited for your home.

Con: Maintenance

Even after the wood garage door installation is done, there will still be work to do on it over time. The door will need to be inspected to see if it’s rotting or getting damaged. You’ll also need to periodically apply a protective coating to the door to weatherproof it. Without performing maintenance checks, your garage door will rot, warp, and chip. If you’re going to have a wood garage door installation, be prepared to spend the necessary time keeping it in top shape.

Pro: Strength

A garage door made out of material like steel will dent if it is hit. Wood, in contrast, is far less likely to dent or crack since it is a hard, tough surface.

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