Should You Get a High Lift Garage Door?

Should You Get a High Lift Garage Door?

Today, we’re going to help you determine if it’s best for you to get a high lift garage door.

In many situations, the tracks your garage door has will run just a little bit below your garage’s ceiling. For those with a little more room between your ceiling and tracks, though, you might not want a standard garage door because it wastes some of the space you could be using. This is when it’s helpful to have a high lift garage door. Today, we’re going to help you determine if it’s best for you to get a high lift garage door.

Regular Dimensions for a Garage

Based on the kind of house you have, your garage’s dimensions could vary. With that said, most designers will give you between 9 and 10 feet of width, as well as between 18 and 20 feet of length for every car you have when you have a garage door that is roughly 8 feet in width.

Two-car garages are typically around 20 feet in width, and the door is usually around 16 feet wide if you need to account for both cars.

If you’ve noticed, there isn’t usually a standard height for these garages because the height varies based on your house plan. Heights tend to be 7 feet at a minimum, but they can go as high as 11 feet or greater. Even when the height of your garage exceeds 7 feet, tracks tend to be installed while having 7-foot-tall ceilings in consideration. So what do you do when you want your garage door to go higher?

High Lift Garage Door Conversion

If your garage door gets installed at around the 8-foot mark, but your ceiling is higher than that, you miss out on a little extra space. This is when getting a high lift garage door can be a great idea.

When making this conversion, it’s just that: a conversion. In other words, you don’t replace the system you already have. However, you will need a high lift conversion kit to get the job done, and the one providing you with your kit will need your door and garage dimensions.

Why You Would Want a Garage Door Conversion

One of the main reasons for people to get a high lift garage door is because they want to get a car lift installed, like the ones you find in mechanic shops. You can get car lifts in many different types, but if you have a residential property, you’ll typically want either a two-post option or a four-post option.

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