Should You Use a Dented Garage Door?

Should You Use a Dented Garage Door?

Today, we will discuss if it’s okay to use a dented garage door or not, and we’ll review what you can do to use your door whenever it is broken.

Do you have a dented garage door? If you do, don’t wait to get the repairs done because there might be other problems that coincide with the dents in your door. On top of that, there’s the concern regarding whether or not you can use your garage door whenever it has dents in it. Today, we will discuss if it’s okay to use a dented garage door or not, and we’ll review what you can do to use your door whenever it is broken.

Can I Use My Garage if I Have a Dented Garage Door?

Any homeowner will want the different parts of their house to be in perfect condition, which also means they will want everything to work optimally. Naturally, a dented garage door puts a “dent” in that plan, and apart from looking less pleasant, it can possibly impact how your door operates.

To help better understand the implications of your dent, you should closely examine your door and ask yourself these questions:

  • How large is the dent?
  • Does a lot of noise get made when the door is opened or closed?
  • Can the door open and close fully?
  • Does the door seem to be lopsided?
  • Is the operating system working harder than normal to help the door function?

If many of these questions end with “yes”, it’s likely that your garage door has extensive damage. This is when you need professional help repairing the door, and you should refrain from using your door until repairs are completed.

How Can My Garage Door Be Opened Whenever It is Broken?

There are many people who get into their homes through their garages. If your garage door got damaged while your car was still inside, you’ll want to open the door manually so you can get the car out of the garage. After that, don’t use your door again until you can get a professional to look over it.

Using a damaged door means you’re more at risk for causing further damage, and there’s also the security risk of your door not closing all of the way. This could allow unwanted visitors to get inside of your garage. On top of that, you don’t want your garage door to fall on you while you’re trying to open it.

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