Steel Vs. Wood Garage Door Installation?

Steel Vs. Wood Garage Door Installation?

We will compare the two doors to decide whether you should get a steel or wood garage door installation.

Garage doors are made from all sorts of materials ranging from steel to glass. But among all of the different choices available, two options stand out. Steel and wood garage doors can both be a fantastic addition to your home, but deciding on which one to install can be a challenge. We will compare the two doors to decide whether you should get a steel or wood garage door installation.


A wood garage door installation is more expensive than a steel one. This is because the materials for the installation are more expensive. Also, the installation process is more labor-intensive, which raises the price even more. Wood doors are built in layers. The sheets, called plies, help to prevent warping.

Steel garage doors are popular because they are more affordable on average. They are also a highly practical option. Unlike wood, steel doors don’t have insulating properties, but there are some doors you can install that have installation.


If you go with a wood garage door installation, keep in mind that the door will need upkeep. They have to be refinished every now and then for the sake of longevity as well as beauty. Wooden doors are usually heavier too. The heavier a door is, the greater the strain it causes on an automatic garage door opener’s motor. If a wood garage door installation is in your future, install an opener that has enough horsepower to support it.

Steel garage doors don’t require the annual touches that wood doors need. However, they can get rusted, scratched, or dented. Go with a rust-resistant finisher to keep your door in top shape.


Real wood has an appealing aesthetic that some people prefer. For some people, nothing can replicate the color and texture that wood offers. If you have a wood garage door installation, you also open yourself up to all sorts of custom designs.

Steel garage doors come in various styles. One of the great things about choosing steel is that you don’t have to sacrifice curb appeal while installing the door. Steel doors have their charm and can complement a home perfectly aesthetically.

Manufacturers can make steel doors that look similar to wooden ones. These doors even have the same texture as wood grain. You can have them replicate the same style as raised panels, and you can get them in many different colors. Steel doors are also great for modern buildings that have plenty of lustrous glass and metal.

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