Summer Maintenance Ideas for Your Garage Door


Summer Maintenance Ideas for Your Garage Door

If you don’t know what you should do to care for your garage door, here are some maintenance suggestions for you to handle this summer.

Garage doors can last people for many years, usually ranging from 15 to 20 years. With that said, this is only true if you perform regular maintenance on your door so that it doesn’t break down early. Performing regular maintenance maximizes your door’s lifespan and overall reliability. If you don’t know what you should do to care for your garage door, here are some maintenance suggestions for you to handle this summer.

Inspect Your Door’s Hardware

The first and most simple step for your garage door maintenance routine is to check your hardware to make sure it isn’t worn down. Just take a look at all of the door’s visible pieces and see if there are any loose hinges, if your track looks like it isn’t aligned properly, or if you have any missing bolts. Making sure your hardware is functional means that your garage door will open and close without any trouble.

Lubricate Your Hardware

On top of checking your hardware for damage, keeping it lubricated goes a long way towards extending your garage door’s lifespan. A lubricated garage door won’t make those unsettling screeches whenever it opens and closes. Avoid using grease as a lubricant, and instead, use a 3 in1 oil.

Wash Your Garage Door

Give your garage door a fresh new look by washing it as a part of your regular maintenance routine. Washing your door gets rid of any dirt and grease that has accumulated over time. You can use water and mild detergents to easily clean steel and aluminum surfaces.

Give Your Door New Paint

This should be done after washing your garage door. Applying a fresh layer of paint can enhance the look of your door. This can help raise your home’s overall curb appeal. In addition, your door is likely to fade when it’s given a new layer of paint because the paint offers extra protection.


Insulation helps your garage door in more than just cold climates. Keeping the heat out of your garage door can be just as important as keeping out the cold. This ensures you don’t waste extra money on air conditioning. It also helps keep heat out of spaces around your house that are right above where your garage is located.

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