Tips for Maintaining Your Wood Garage Door

Tips for Maintaining Your Wood Garage Door

Here are some maintenance tips for getting the most out of your wood garage door.

Your garage door contributes heavily to your home’s exterior design. This is mainly because of the curb appeal your door provides. For any person who would like their home to look as captivating as possible, going with a wood garage door is a safe option.

However, while wooden doors are beautiful, they do require regular maintenance if you want them to stay in top shape. Here are some maintenance tips for getting the most out of your wood garage door.

Keep Your Door Clean

Dirt and moisture can accumulate over time. If too much of either builds up, your wood garage door will start to warp or bend. If you clean your door regularly, you can avoid all of this potential damage. All you need is to use a rag with some water and mild soap. This stops your door from warping and staining, among other problems. You should clean your wood garage door at least one time per year.

Check For Rot

Wood is susceptible to various fungi, bacteria, and wood rot if exposed to too much moisture. That’s why you should check your wood garage door occasionally, using a screwdriver to prod your door’s trim and bottom so you can assess the door’s firmness. Your door will need professional help if the screwdriver goes through or the wood is too soft.

Monitor for Pests

A wood garage door will also be vulnerable to different pests, such as beetles, snails, and termites. These pests eat through wood, so you have to keep watch to make sure there aren’t any holes in your door. If there are, those holes could allow pests to get into your garage.

Go With a Durable Coat or Finish

Your wood garage door puts up with the weather all of the time. That’s why it has to be ready to withstand the elements. If you coat your wood garage door with a strong and weather-resistant stain or finish, you’ll be better protected against the wind, sun, moisture, and even scratches. It also makes your door look better. You should reapply your finish every couple of years.

Remove Chips and Peeling

Even if you have a good wood finish, it will eventually peel. That’s why you need to smooth down your wood garage door, using a paint scraper to get rid of any paint chips. Only after you do that should you apply a new coat of paint to your door.

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