When To Get Your Garage Door Repaired

Commercial Garage Door

There are some signs that your garage door may need to be repaired.

As you use your garage door, after a while you may notice that it is not working as well as it did. Whether it’s not opening as quickly or something just seems off about it, there are many issues that can happen with your garage. Ideally, performing regular garage maintenance will help avoid many of these problems, but they can still happen. Our garage door inspections involve:

  • Tightening and inspecting all door hardware
  • Lubricating all moving parts such as roller, hinges, pulleys and springs
  • Checking bottom and perimeter weather seal
  • Checking cables and springs for wear and fraying
  • Checking for proper balancing of door
  • Checking spring tension

If you experience any of the below issues, contact us!

Door Opening/Closing Slowly

Sometimes your garage door doesn’t open or close as fast as it used to. Other times it doesn’t open or close all the way. If you are noticing a large delay between the time you press your opener and the time it takes for your garage door to open or close, or if it doesn’t open or close completely, then it is time to seek out a repair.

Door Grinding

The sound of a garage motor is normal, but the door itself should not make any grinding noises. This could be a sign of a problem with the garage’s hinges or rollers, which is a problem we can help fix.


Garage Door Opener Doesn’t Work

A garage door opener is supposed to make your life easier. Instead of having to manually raise or lower your garage door, all you have to do is press a button. However, sometimes garage door openers do not work as they should. If you are experiencing this problem we can help!


Garage Door Glass Is Broken

Sometimes accidents happen and the glass in your garage door can get cracked or completely broken. Broken glass is not only unsightly, but it can also be dangerous, especially for young children. It can also damage your tires. We are here to help you if your garage’s glass has been broken.


Unmatched Garage Door Expertise

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