When to Replace Your Wood Garage Door


When to Replace Your Wood Garage Door

Today, we’ll be looking at signs that it might be the right time to replace your wood garage door.

Wood garage doors are able to last for decades when they’re given the proper care. With that said, even when you take perfect care of your door, there will eventually come a time when you need to make the hard decision to replace it.  So, when is the right time to make that decision? Today, we’ll be looking at signs that it might be the right time to replace your wood garage door.

Your Wood is Soft/Rotting

Wood doesn’t like to be exposed to moisture. With repeated exposure to moisture, wood will start rotting, which causes it to become soft. You can usually protect a wood garage door from moisture damage, as long as you’ve applied either sealant or paint to the surface. Nevertheless, this kind of protection doesn’t last forever and, once the paint or sealant wears off, moisture damage can occur. You’ll know that your door is rotted if you take a screwdriver, poke the surface of the door, and notice that the screwdriver sinks into the door’s surface. This is a strong indicator that replacing your door is a wise move.

Your Door Has Stains

Does your wood garage door have any stains on it? If it does, those stains could be caused by mold or mildew, and these can result in rot for your door. You can paint over stains if you want, but you’ll still be able to see those stains if you apply a transparent sealant to your door.

Perhaps, however, you’d rather have the pure and natural look of wood, without any paint being applied. If you have surface-level stains, you might be able to sand your door to achieve the look you want. Otherwise, for deeper stains, that won’t be a feasible solution.

You Want a More Maintenance-Free Door

Maybe there’s nothing particularly wrong with your wood garage door, but you don’t want to deal with the maintenance that it requires. Wooden doors do require a lot in terms of maintenance, but other types of garage doors, like steel and vinyl varieties, don’t demand as much. This means replacing your wood garage door for something more hands-off could be an appealing option.

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