When You Might Need a Garage Door Repair

When You Might Need a Garage Door Repair

If you’re wondering if it is time to repair your garage door, look out for these key signs.

Your garage door is both a fashionable and a functional part of the outside of your home. While you may have a single garage door, a double door, or opt for two side-by-side singles, the work done is the same. It adds to your curb appeal and home value, but it also does the vital work of allowing (or restricting) access to an important part of your home.  In many cases, garage doors can last for several decades but they don’t last forever. If you’re wondering if it is time to repair your garage door, look out for these key signs.


Slow Motion

There is some seasonal maintenance that you should be doing on your garage door or doors, even if you don’t use it everyday (and in most cases, especially if you don’t use it often, since you don’t have any way to know when it breaks). While you’re doing the maintenance, pay close attention to how the door acts when you open and close it. Often we don’t actually watch this part, so it is easy to miss the sings of needing repair. If the process of opening or closing is slower than it used to be, you need to have your garage door repaired.



Garage doors are very heavy so sagging is a pretty common issue. Usually this happens when something becomes off balance in the door and it doesn’t fully open. While this sag ay not impede your use of the door, you should have a professional come out and fix it, since it will only get worse and it could cause more damage over time.


Loud Noises

If the sound of your garage door opening and closing can wake you from a sound sleep, it needs repairs. While this may seem like a great theft detection (or past curfew detection) system, it is also a sign of something going wrong with the mechanism. It isn’t supposed to be that loud – have a professional come out and repair it before the damage gets worse.


It Is Off The Track

If your door has slipped off the track, don’t try to fix it yourself. Have a professional come out to assess why it slipped off in the first place and reposition it correctly.


It Doesn’t Work

Finally, if the garage door will not actually open or close, it is a big problem and you need to have a professional come out and assess it. In some cases this may be an issue that you can repair, but if you do find that you need to replace the door instead, know that fall is a great time of the year to do that.


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