Why a Garage Door Might Not Work

Why a Garage Door Might Not Work

Here are some possible reasons your garage door won’t work.

We at First Choice Garage Doors have worked on so many different garage doors over the years that there’s pretty much no problem we haven’t seen. However, for the average homeowner, identifying and resolving problems with your garage door may not come as easily. That’s why we’ll try to make the process easier by providing some insight on common reasons your door might not work as it should. Here are some possible reasons your garage door won’t work.

You Have Dead Transmitter Batteries

If you didn’t know, the transmitters on your garage door will only work if they have power, and batteries are the source from which that power is drawn. If you have dead batteries, your transmitter won’t be able to give your door the signal that it should open.

You should check the transmitter on your garage’s wall to find out if it operates when you press it. If it does, then perhaps another transmitter needs batteries, such as one that may be located in your car.

To replace the batteries, you can often go to your transmitter and open the door found on its back. Then, you can remove the old batteries and add new ones. Sometimes, you may need a screwdriver, just in case the transmitters are screwed on. Ensure that your batteries’ minus and plus signs align with the ones on the transmitter. Lastly, after a successful test run, replace your transmitter door.

Your Track is Not Aligned

Unaligned tracks are dangerous because they hinder your door’s ability to move. If there are gaps between your rails and rollers, or your rollers are bending, it’s a serious issue. An indicator that this is the problem is if you notice a rubbing sound once your door reaches a specific area on your tracks. If this noise starts up upon reaching the same spot consistently, it could be because of misaligned tracks. Your door could also be slower when it gets to that spot.

Since this can be a dangerous job, it’s often best left to the professionals. They will know how to handle the situation while minimizing the chances of injury or damage to your door.

Your Garage Door Has Broken Springs

If your transmitter is definitely working, another reason your garage door might not go up is because the springs have been broken. When these springs break, they make an incredibly loud sound which people feel mimics the sound of a firecracker. Therefore, it’s easy to notice if you’re nearby at the time they break.

Your door will either have one or two springs and if even one of them breaks, it becomes much harder for your garage door opener to lift all of your door’s weight. Again, this is a job that should be handled by a professional garage door company, both to minimize any likelihood of an error during repairs and for safety purposes.

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