Why a Garage Door Remote Might Not Function As It Should

Why a Garage Door Remote Might Not Function As It Should

There are many reasons a garage door remote might not work as it should.

Imagine getting back from a tough day at the office. You’re just trying to get home and enjoy the rest of your day. You pull into your driveway, get your garage door remote out, and push the button to open your door only to find that your garage door doesn’t open.

Garage doors are among the parts of your home that get quite a bit of use, so naturally, they’ll get worn down with time. When you notice your garage door isn’t working, you want to get the problem fixed whenever you can. Sometimes, the remote is the problem. There are many reasons a garage door remote might not work as it should.

The Batteries Have Been Drained

Think about when you last replaced your remote’s batteries. If you think it’s been a while, it’s very likely your garage door remote just needs new batteries before your door will open again. Two years is the average life expectancy for garage door remote batteries.

A great way to deduce if the batteries are drained is to use the control panel mounted on your wall instead. If the panel on the wall can open your garage door, it means you likely need new batteries for your garage door remote.

The Signal For Your Garage Door Remote is Disrupted

If your garage door remote has fresh batteries and the door still doesn’t open, it might be a problem with your signal. Two main variables contribute to weak signals: too much distance between the remote and the door and damage to your receiving antennae.

Try to use your garage door remote when you’re closer than 20 feet from the door. Using it at a farther distance than that will stop you from getting a strong enough signal to get your door opened.

If the remote itself seems to be functional, check on your antennae and see if there is any buildup of dirt. You should also make sure it isn’t broken or pointing away from the door. For a damaged antennae, it’s best to get a professional to look at the damage and get the needed repairs done.

Your Lock Button is Engaged

Be sure that you don’t have the lock button on your control panel engaged. To disengage the lock, push the lock button. Once you have unlocked your garage door, you can test your door by pushing the open button on your control panel.

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