Why You Should Get an Upgrade To Your Garage Door Opener

Why You Should Get an Upgrade To Your Garage Door Opener

We’ll review some reasons why you would want to upgrade your garage door opener.

A lot of homeowners have garage doors as entrances to their houses. Because of this, a functional garage door opener is more important than it already would be. You can usually get about ten years from your garage door opener before it stops working for you, but if you take proper care of it, you could get more time out of one.

Even if your opener is still operable, you might consider getting an upgrade. But when will you know to make that decision? We’ll review some reasons why you would want to upgrade your garage door opener.

You Can Improve The Door’s Safety

Can you recall the last instance in which you had your garage door opener replaced? As we mentioned earlier, proper care goes a long way towards extending your opener’s lifespan. For older models, they usually aren’t equipped with many of the safety features that come standard with more modern openers.

Therefore, you might be incentivized to upgrade your garage door opener to give your house more safety. You wouldn’t want children or pets going underneath your door and having the door injure them.  You would much rather have sensors trigger whenever there is an obstruction underneath your door that will cause the door to go back up.

Give Your Home More Security

An older garage door opener might have a set remote code which is used to manage your garage door’s operations. The problem with this system is that people could possibly figure out your code and copy it, which would allow unwanted guests access into your garage.

A garage door opener made more recently will have rolling codes, meaning that the code to open the door will switch every time someone uses the opener.

Your Garage Door Will Open More Silently

Older doors also tend to be noisier when compared to the more modern options. With a noisy garage door, you could end up disturbing people inside of your house or in the nearby vicinity of your garage door. Fortunately, you can get a garage door opener that is much more silent. When your garage door opener is more quiet, everyone around your door won’t have to be disrupted whenever it is in use.

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