3 Ways Your Garage Door Can Boost Your Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

A garage door can help boost your curb appeal.

Most people don’t think very much about their garage door. They may look at it when they park their car each night, and they, of course, notice it when it breaks, or gets damaged and dirty. When it comes to your curb appeal, however, the garage door is a huge factor. It makes up a large percentage of the “real estate” of the front of your house, and it is often the first thing people see or notice. If it is plain and boring, that will be their first impression. If it is striking and beautiful, their impression of your curb appeal will soar.

Return To Its Roots

A new garage door can be a great way to take your home back to its traditional look. When older homes transfer ownership, they are often subjected to “updates” that fit the current trends not the traditional look of the home. Maybe in the 70’s your home got a rolling style steel door on the garage – very “in” back then, but totally dissonant with the rest of the architecture of your Tudor style home. Choose a new door that compliments the traditional elements of your home’s style.

Balance The Elements

The front door almost always gets more time and consideration than the garage door, because that’s what most people see as the welcoming point (and the first impression). However, if you’ve gone to the trouble if picking the perfect front door, an ugly garage door will stand out even more. Use the front door as inspiration and choose a replacement garage door that compliments it. This will balance and bring visual harmony to the face of your home.

Consider Contrast

While the garage door should match the front door, it doesn’t need to match the whole house. In fact, if your garage door just kind of blends in to the rest of the home, it creates a great big “blah” space, and all of the interesting features of your home get washed out. Instead, make the front door eye catching by painting or staining it a contrasting color to the rest of the home. The beauty of the doors will catch everyone’s attention and encourage them to admire the home so that they have a chance to take in all the special details.

Unmatched Garage Door Expertise

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