Loading Dock Equipment and Accessories

First Choice Garage Doors is partnering with Pioneer Dock Equipment to offer an extensive selection of Commercial Loading Dock Equipment and Accessories. Pioneer, based in Spring Hill, Tennessee manufactures and distributes a wide range of loading dock equipment. Your dock systems are a crucial part of your company’s operations. With the help of our loading dock equipment, you can increase your company’s safety, security and productivity.

First Choice Garage Doors is dedicated to providing comfort and peace of mind to commercial facility owners by providing unmatched service and expert installations. We want to be your source for all your Dock Equipment and Accessories needs all across Delmarva, the Eastern Shore, Maryland, Delaware and Northern Virginia areas.

Why Choose First Choice Garage Doors

Since 2004 First Choice Garage Doors has been serving the Eastern Shore and Delmarva region with a dedicated team of professionals serving residential and commercial customers for garage door installation, garage door replacement, maintenance and now our new product offering of Loading Dock Equipment and Accessories. Our highly-trained experienced staff of technicians will provide lasting solutions.

Dock Levelers and Accessories

First Choice Garage Doors is partnering with Pioneer Dock Equipment to offer an extensive range of solid, reliable Dock Levelers made with the finest craftsmanship and solid engineering built to last and built to serve. Keep your business running safely and on schedule every day of the year. The dependability that you are looking for and the quality that First Choice Garage Doors stands behind. Our levelers offer maximum strength and deck durability to help eliminate deck failure. Our extensive collection of Dock Levelers includes:

  • HDH Series (Heavy Duty)
  • HP Series
  • EVR 650 Series
  • SLR950 Series
  • SMART Versa Panel

Pit Levelers

We offer hydraulic, air operated and mechanical pit levelers in virtually any size, length, width and capacity configuration:

  • EDE Series – Extension Spring
  • BL Series – Torsion Spring
  • HDH Series – Heavy Duty
  • HP Series
  • PA 1000 Air Operated
  • M Series

Edge of Dock Levelers

Offered in mechanical, barlift and hydraulic models and are available in standard capacities up to 30,000 pounds. All models are available with or without bump blocks

  • BL Series – up to 40,000 pounds
  • BLE/EDE Extension Spring Series

Hydraulic Top of Dock Levelers

Top of dock levelers are great for retrofit situations and are easy to operate with a simple, straight forward design.

Truck Restraints

These truck restraints are sturdy and bolt to the dock face and ground providing a restraining force up to 50,000 pounds. Easy to install and competitively priced, available in:

  • SLR 950 Series
  • MVR Series
  • EVR 650 Series
  • EVR 750 Series

Portable Dockboards for Truck and Rail

Offered in steel and aluminum

Pioneers HVLS Fans

HVLS Fans dramatically reduce HVAC air intake by circulating and destratifying climate-controlled air volumes. The HVLS fan will provide lower operational costs, stable indoor air quality and reduced maintenance costs.

Dock Seals and Shelters

Save on utility costs by keeping the weather outside. Available in many colors and fabrics such as vinyl and neoprene, options include wear shingles, tapered units, galvanized metal hoods and more. Models include:

  • P Series
  • PF Series
  • DuraSeal
  • R Series
  • F Series

Thermoguard Underseal

The ThermoGuard Underseal is designed to block the space under Pit Levelers where debris and dust can collect and heat/cooling can escape. It also assists to keep insects and small animals from entering the facility.

Wheel Chocks & Bumpers

Our wheel chocks are made of long-lasting molded rubber and can be chained to the dock. Also available in a laminated model. Bumpers are laminated and made of molded rubber construction, available in many shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

Guardit Safety Products

We offer many GuardIT products designed to protect equipment and other structures as well as to provide lighting for safety:

  • Track Guards – protect door tracks against fork lights
  • Guard Rails – protect valuable equipment and personnel
  • Dock Lights – Double strut or adjustable extension are models
  • Bollards – versatile barrier, easy to install indoors or outdoors

Pioneer Industrial Door Product Line

We have a large selection of industrial doors to fit your commercial business’ needs:

  • RollRight Industrial Doors – designed to handle every season. Low maintenance, rot, mildew and ultraviolet rays resistant
  • No Pest Industrial Doors – blocks pests and debris yet allows flow-through ventilation without compromising security
  • SealTight Industrial Doors – Great for environmental control situations and ideal for food processing and cooler/freezer applications
  • Strip Door – helps create a cleaner and more efficient work environment
  • Security Gate – provides security while allowing visibility and flow-through ventilation
  • Air Curtain – air curtains improve efficiency at docks and doorways by providing a thermal barrier that separates one environment from another

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