Common Issues Commercial Garage Doors Can Encounter

Common Issues Commercial Garage Doors Can Encounter

There are some fairly common issues that can arise with the garage doors utilized by the commercial sector. Here are four in particular.

Commercial garage doors are integral to daily life, though this may not be a thought that occurs very often in daily life. In a society increasingly reliant upon items making the lightspeed journey from warehouse to front stoop, the import of functional and well-maintained mega-doors would be put jarringly into perspective if they were to suddenly stop being so… functional.

But there are some fairly common issues that can arise with the garage doors utilized by the commercial sector. Here are four in particular that should always warrant a call to the professionals before taking self-action.

1. The Door Won’t Open

Assuming the power isn’t out, the likely culprit for an uncooperative commercial garage door is a problem with the very tightly wound (and therefore potentially very dangerous) torsion springs that help initiate and regulate the door’s trajectory. A broken spring—or a worn-out torsion cable—will prohibit the affected door from opening. If you ever suspect this is the case but have little or no training in the field, do not attempt this fix on your own.

2. Trouble with the Tracks

For any number of reasons, the tracks these doors roll along will become misaligned or otherwise warp slightly. The tracks’ job is to guide the garage door properly throughout its upward and downward trajectories; when they’re askew or dinged up, the door will only partially open or close. Should someone continue to operate the doors in this state, the issue will inevitably get worse—and a repair will likely turn into a replacement. Therefore, this is another situation where a skilled professional garage door technician’s service’s will be required as soon as possible.

3. Strange Noises

The cause of these screechy and initially alarming noises is a bit more innocuous then the previous examples. Commercial garage doors are attached to their track via industrial rollers—little wheels, in a simplified sense. Over the cumulative course of normal day-to-day operation, small bits of debris can attach to the rollers; the unsettling noise is commonly nothing more than that debris being getting dragged along the track and expressing its displeasure. Cleaning the rollers tends to take care of this issue, but if debris has become too embedded in or otherwise damaged the roller, it may have to be replaced to keep things running smoothly.

4. Breakage Among the Many Commercial Garage Door Panels

As established, these doors work pretty hard. Naturally, sometimes a panel will get dinged, cracked, or broken entirely off. Fortunately, this isn’t the work-stopping disaster one might imagine. Modern commercial garage doors are designed and built with this contingency in mind: what we see as a single unit is actually many conjoined groups of panels that can be removed, worked on, and replaced individually.

It bears repeating that this type of door is an engineering marvel. Just remember to always stay alert in their proximity and never “have a go at” fixing any component parts without the proper training.

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