Determining the Best Garage Door Size

Determining the Best Garage Door Size

Here are some tips for determining the best garage door size.

Have you decided that it’s time to replace your garage door? Then you’ll find this information helpful. Finding an ideal garage door that complements your home based on color, style, and features is possible. It’s also possible to find the perfect garage door size. Here are some tips for determining the best garage door size.

Best Garage Door Size for a One-Car Garage

Smaller homes typically have a single-car garage with a standard size of eight feet wide or 2.4 meters. A nine-foot wide garage door or 2.7 meters is better for homes that need extra clearance.

Two-Car Garage

A two-car garage doubles the width of a single-car garage, being usually 15 to 16 feet wide or 4.6-4.9 meters. This space accommodates one car exiting or entering the property while the other stays parked. We don’t suggest two cars leaving or entering the property simultaneously as there might not be enough room to maneuver safely.

Three-Car Garage

A standard three-car garage is 32 feet or 9.8. meters wide. Some owners might prefer a 32-foot garage door, while installing two 15 or 16-foot doors is the traditional choice. It’s essential to have enough clearance with a three-car garage because one car will sit between two others.


Regardless of the width, the typical height of a garage door is 7 feet tall or 2.1 meters. 8-foot tall doors or 2.4 meters are uncommon. However, it is possible to have a custom option when plausible.

Measuring Your Garage for a Door

Measuring dimensions is one of the least fun parts of enhancing your home. However, the technique might be easier than you think. Here are three steps:

  1. Measure the garage door opening’s width, measuring left to right from the inside
  2. Measure the garage door opening’s height, starting from the highest point and going down to the floor (ensure you come up with a number around seven feet)
  3. Take other measurements such as:
  • Width between the opening and side of the garage
  • Distance between the top of the door’s opening and its ceiling
  • Distance from the opening at the top of the door to the rear of the garage

Do these steps and considerations seem overwhelming? Fortunately, garage door installation doesn’t have to be a DIY project. First Choice Garage Doors is here to install your new-and-improved garage door.

Let First Choice Garage Doors Find The Right Door For You

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