How Residential and Commercial Garage Doors are Different

How Residential and Commercial Garage Doors are Different

Here are some of the differences between residential and commercial garage doors.

Whether it’s a home or a business, if you have a garage door, its primary functions are likely the same. With that said, there are certain distinctions between these two types of doors that we want to cover with you today. Here are some of the differences between residential and commercial garage doors.

Their Spring Systems

Residential and commercial garage doors have differences within their spring systems. A residential door will normally have between one and two torsion springs, depending on how heavy the door is. The way the springs are arranged helps keep the door balanced so that it won’t fall down.

Commercial doors, on the other hand, tend to use at least three torsion springs, if not more, given that they are typically heavier than residential variants. Each spring is also bigger than a residential spring in order to help accommodate the extra weight that a commercial door has.

Their Curb Appeal Influence

Both types of garage doors can bring extra curb appeal to their respective types of properties. The purpose of that curb appeal, however, can be a little different depending on whether you need a garage door for a home or a business.

Residential garage doors use the extra curb appeal to help raise the resale value of their homes. This makes residential doors great financial investments.

Commercial properties also benefit financially from having garage doors, but for a different reason. The curb appeal that a commercial garage door brings helps a business stand out from the other properties in the area. This helps attract customers to your business so that you can earn more revenue each day.

Opening and Closing the Door

There are also differences in the ways that residential and commercial garage doors open and shut. Commercial doors tend to open and close by having them roll up to the ceiling, though you can sometimes find variants that slide to the side, or even swing. Residential doors are more widely available in sliding and swinging varieties.

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