Benefits of an Aluminum Garage Door

Benefits of an Aluminum Garage Door

Look at the benefits an aluminum garage door can have on your property.

There are many great garage door choices available today. You could pick anything from wood to steel to fiberglass. But one type of door may stand out to you, and that would be an aluminum garage door. If you’re not yet convinced that this is the right door for you, aluminum garage doors have a lot to offer. Look at the benefits an aluminum garage door can have on your property.

It Has a Unique Look That Boosts Curb Appeal

Aluminum may not sound like the most attractive material, but it can bring more positive attention to your home than you may realize. But coupling the raw industrial look of an aluminum frame with the stylish appearance of glass panels gives your garage door a unique look bound to catch people’s eyes.

Keep in mind that an aluminum garage door can take up as much as a third of your house’s front exterior. This means your door plays a significant role in getting attention from your neighbors and other passers-by

You Can Complement the Look of your Home

Whether you have a modern-looking home or a more traditional look, an aluminum garage door is perfect for complementing your home’s appearance. You can add all sorts of customization features to your door, which makes it easier to complement the look of your home’s exterior. You could have your door made to look similar to the front door of your home, for example.

Choose From Many Different Frames

You have a wide variety of options for your aluminum garage door frame. They come in numerous glazing choices and can be designed to be practically any color you want. If you use powder coating, the surface becomes more resilient than if you used a more traditional paint coating.

Customize Your Aluminum Garage Door with Windows and Glass Panels

A huge selling point for an aluminum garage door is how many window and glass panel options you have. Some panels and windows allow varying amounts of light into your garage. You can also choose where on the door you want your windows or panels. This not only gives your aluminum garage door more extrinsic appeal, but it also makes your garage more functional by allowing natural light inside.

An Aluminum Garage Door is Lightweight

Because the door is lighter, it puts less strain on the springs of your garage door. It also helps make it easier for an electric garage door opener to open the door. On top of that, a lighter garage door is better for times when the power goes out at your house. This is because a lighter garage door is easier to lift manually if necessary.

Long-Lasting and Require Little Maintenance

An aluminum garage door frame is made from resilient anodized aluminum. Put this together with the powder-coated finish, and your door won’t have any issues regarding rust or corrosion. This is especially useful for people who live in coastal areas. On top of the strong durability your door offers, it also requires nearly no maintenance on your end.

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