Dealing With Winter Garage Issues

Winter Garage Issues

Take a look at some common winter garage issues.

Whenever you find yourself dealing with colder weather, you have are bound to deal with a variety of problems around your home that arise as a result of it. Winter weather is often harsh and can result in many issues that you will have to address, including with your garage. If you find yourself having to deal with winter garage issues, these issues might be the cause.

Check Your Opener

If you have a garage door opener that can help tell you right away if there are any issues with your garage this winter. Your garage door opener not being able to open your garage is an immediate indication that something is wrong. You should disconnect your garage door opener and then try to open your door manually. If you are able to open it just fine, then the issue is probably just with your opener. However, if you are unable to open your garage door or unable to do so easily, then there is a bigger problem that must be addressed.

Frozen Shut

When you inspect your garage door and see ice or snow around the bottom, your door is most likely frozen shut. This is, fortunately, a simple solution to fix as you can either chip away at the ice or melt it with hot water to be able to open it again. You will want to do one of those two things and not try to force the door open to break the ice. By doing that, you might rip off your weather seal which will allow outside weather and the cold to get past your garage door and will have a bigger problem on your hands.

Door Does Not Open Properly

When it gets cold outside, the lubricant for your garage door hardens and makes it so the wheels get off the track and the door does not open properly, or even opens partially. You can remove hard lubricant using grease solvent and then you can apply a new silicone-based lubricant on the metal parts of your door to fix the issue. Avoid using WD-40 though as this can cause a new set of winter-related problems for you and your garage.

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